Dhauti Yoga

Every third day, Baba went to the well near a Banyan tree, at a considerable distance from the Masjid and washed his mouth and had a bath. On one occasion, He was seen throwing up His intestines, cleaning them inside and outside and placing them on a Jamb tree for drying. There are people in Shirdi, who have actually seen this and who have testified to this fact. Ordinary Dhauti is done by a moistened piece of linen, 3 inches broad 22 1/2ft. long. This piece is gulped down the throat and allowed to remain in the stomach for about half an hour for being reacted there and then taken out. But Baba’s Dhauti was quite unique and extraordinary.

Khanda Yoga

In this practice, Baba extracted the various limbs from His body, and left them separately at different places in the Masjid. Once, a gentleman went to the Masjid, and saw the limbs of Baba lying in separate places. He was much terrified, he first thought of running to the village officers, and informing them of Baba being hacked to pieces and murdered. He thought that he would be held responsible, as he was the first informant, and knew something of the affair. So he kept silent. But, the next day, when he went to the Masjid, he was very much surprised to see Baba, hale and hearty as before. He thought that what he had seen the previous day was only a dream.

Baba practised Yoga since His infancy and nobody knew or guessed the proficiency He attained in it. He charged no fees for His cures, became renowned and famous by virtue of His merits, and gave health to many poor and suffering people. This famous Doctor of doctors cared not for His interests, but always worked for the good and welfare of others, Himself suffering unbearable and terrible pain many a time in the process.



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